Lawsuit Filed Against Baanyan Software Services, Inc. Of Edison, New Jersey For Fraud and Other Claims in Connection with An Employment Agreement.

On behalf of a client (the plaintiff), we filed a lawsuit (counterclaim) against BAANYAN SOFTWARE SERVICES, INC., located at 100 Metroplex Drive, Edison New Jersey in connection with an employment contract.

Baanyan filed a lawsuit against the plaintiff alleging breach of contract, breach of duty of good faith and breach of loyalty in connection with the plaintiff resigning his position at Baanyan.

On behalf of our client, a counterclaim was filed alleging that Baanyan recruited the plaintiff from India at a very low salary for a position entitled “training coordinator.” Pursuant to an agreement the plaintiff client signed, he was to perform in that position for 3 years at that wage.

Baanyan then submitted an H1B visa application to enter the United States and work for Baanyan. The lawsuit alleged that Baanyan requested the plaintiff to pay the H1B visa application, in violation of US Department of Labor regulations.

Plaintiff then entered the United States with his family and commenced employment with Baanyan. However, according to the plaintiff, he performed in the position of training coordinator for only about two months.

The suit alleges that Baanyan required plaintiff to services of a business intelligence developer, but paid the plaintiff a lower salary than what a business intelligence developer should earn.

The plaintiff alleges that Baanyan offered to pay him a salary of $77,000 as a business intelligence developer, but that he declined and resigned his position at Baanyan, and obtained other employment paying a substantially higher salary.

Baanyan alleged that plaintiff’s resignation constitutes breach of contract. Plaintiff counterclaim essentially alleged that Baanyan engaged in a bait-n-switch scheme in wherein Baanyan hired plaintiff at a relatively low salary with the intention of having him perform other services paying a much higher salary.

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