The New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act (CFA) provides that it is unlawful for any business to engage in any “unconscionable commercial practice, deception, fraud, false pretense, false promise, misrepresentation” in connection with a consumer transaction. Further, the CFA makes it unlawful for any business to knowingly conceal, suppress, or omit any fact material (important) to a consumer transaction, even if the person was not actually mislead or deceived.

The CFA applies to the most business, but in particular the following types of business:

  • Automobile Dealerships
  • Automobile Repair Shops
  • Home Improvement Contractors
  • Home Builders
  • Banks and Lending institutions
  • Mortgage Brokers, Finance Companies
  • Hotels, Airlines, Travel Agencies
  • Insurance Companies
  • Any other business selling consumer products and services

The New Jersey CFA is one of the strongest consumer protection laws in the nation. It provides for treble damages, attorneys fees, and costs if it is found that the business or person committed a fraudulent act and a loss was suffered by the consumer.