On behalf of our client, we filed a wrongful termination case against Metropolitan Vision Correction Associates (MVCA) of New York City and its owners in the Supreme Court of New York for termination of our client after she complained of sexual harassment.

As alleged in the complaint, our client, a female, was employed as medical secretary. A male co-worker sexually harassed her in the office, including sending her sexually explicit texts and videos of himself. She discussed these incidents of sexual harassment with one of the owners of (MVCA). A few days later, another owner of MVCA called our client into her office, advised her that she had heard of the co-worker’s sexual harassment, and then fired our client because the co-worker quit when the allegations of sexual harassment surfaced.

Federal, state and local laws prohibits a business from firing an employee because he or she complained of sexual harassment. Sexual harassment laws were intended to protect workers not to punish them for complaining of sexual harassment.